The 5 discovery paths to online marketing

When it comes to online marketing, there are five paths that almost everyone follows one way or another. I will briefly explain all five of these paths for you in the following text. The first path is the “Search” path. With the search path one markets his or her products with key words in search engines. A good example would be a person searching for a car. He or she would input the type of car they are interested in, and the search engine would provide a list of car related info for the type of car they searched for. The second path is the “Review/Recommend/Trust” path. In this path the customer already has found the type or make of the car they want to purchase. Now they are looking for customer reviews and recommendations on the particular car they are interested in, as well as the dealer rating they plan to buy from. The third path is the “EWOM/Share/Viral” path. With this path you are trying to “Wow” customers. Here is where you want to give your customer an amazing experience so that they will share it with others online via social media post. Can you imagine one of your friends posting a picture of themselves with their brand new car on Facebook, Instagram or even a short YouTube video? I sure can, and it would make me think if I to needed a new car. The fourth path is the “Interrupt” path. This is also known as the bad boy path. The reason for this is the way this path is used. Have you ever wanted to watch a YouTube video but before you are able to view the video, you have to watch a short advertisement? Well that is what is known as interrupt marketing. Spam mail is also a form of interrupt marketing. The fifth and final path is the “Browse” path. With this path you market your product next to something related in some way to your product. Lets use the car analogy again. A person is looking for new tires of reviews on tires for his or her car. While visiting pages on tires, you have advertising on that same page promoting a sale on a new car. Now you know that consumers looking for tires have likely driven their cars 40 to 50 thousand miles and that is when they start to think about getting a new car so you purchase spots on the tire page. I hope you enjoyed my short and brief explanation of the five discovery paths to Internet marketing.


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