Promotion via Linkedin

There are numerous ways to promote yourself, business or product using Linkedin. I will go over a few ways to help you as you move forward using Linkedin. The first and what I find as the best is cross-promotion. What is cross-promotion you might ask? Well cross-promotion is linking your Linkedin page to your other social media pages. If you have a Facebook page, which almost everyone has, you should link in to your Linkedin page. You should do this will all of your digital properties. So any website that you own, you should link it to your Linkedin property.

The next way to promote is through Email. You should email everyone in you email address book and invite them to connect with you on Linkedin. You might have to offer some kind of incentive to get the most out of this promotion but it is well worth it.

The last and final promotion I am going to explain is “Leverage”. You should leverage your existing customers. Linkedin is a social site so why not get your existing customers to share what you have to say, promote or sell. By having your existing base share with their bases, you are getting your information out to other like minded people.


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