State Social Media Laws on Privacy

Do to the growing number of americans using social media in todays world, it is important to get laws passed to protect individuals social media accounts. Many companies have ask for or even required their employees to share their user names and password to their personal social media accounts. The companies have argued that this needed to protect against trade secrets and other company inter workings.

A number of states have enacted and passed laws protecting employees from having to give out their user names and passwords to their social media accounts. Some of these laws also protect individuals from any harassment or repercussions from their employers for what they do on their personal social media accounts in their free time. The law however does not allow one to slander an employer or post company secrets. Today there are 25  states that have laws on the books to protect individuals from their place of business when it comes to using social media. Luckily we here in Washington state are protected. However there are 25 other states where individuals have no protection at this time.

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