Social Media Security Tips for Business

When it comes to social media and how it affects the security of your business, you really need to be on top of things. Let me explain by giving you an example. There was a bank that wanted test its security detail. The bank hired some police men to act as robbers to come in and rob the bank. The police men used social media to set up there robbery plan. They searched the banks social media page and found employees who worked at the bank on the page. They then searched social media pages of the employees of the bank. They found that the tellers husband worked at a car repair shop in another part of town. When the robbery took place a note was given to the teller stating that here husband was taken from his place of business and was locked in the trunk of a car. This not stated his name and place of business. She was told that if she hit the silent alarm her husband would be killed. The robbery went off without a hitch.

So what can a business do to prevent security issues via social media? The first is to have your employees sign a disclosure stating they leave their place of employment out of any of their social media pages. You need to let everyone of your employees know that they are a reflection of the business 24/7 365 days a year when it is know where they work on social media. The things they post can cause harm to the business. It is important that the IT department monitor and enforce rules when it comes to social media.

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