My Favorite Social Media Module

Well the time has come to give all of you a perspective on my time over the last two and a half months on using various social media platforms. As some of you might know by now, I have been taking a class in Social Media marketing. I have used Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and Linkedin to mention a few. Out of all the Social Media platforms that I had the opportunity to use, Linkedin is the one that I liked the most. I found it to be the most professional one out of the bunch. It is like a professional Facebook for people to use in their careers. You get to communicate with other people that are in your career field. I find this almost invaluable for someone wanting further their career or find a job in the field of their choice. Now with that said, let me tell you which platform I did not like. I was not a big fan of Facebook. I found that almost every tom dick and harry use Facebook. Because of this there is a ton of abuse committed within Facebook. The amount of monitoring of your page can be quite exhausting. Sure there are blocks you can add to your Facebook page, but unless you already have a big following you are not going to get many visits to your page. You have to allow people to engage and help promote your page and that is where the monitoring comes into play.


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