MNGT 136 week 2 blog post

Today I am going to give a quick rundown of chapter 3 of DONT MAKE ME THINK.

In chapter three you will find way to take advantage of conventions. What do I mean when I say conventions? the basic explanation would be the simple stop sign. The shape and color of a stop sign is universal yet the language/letters inside that sign may be different, but everyone knows what it means by the shape/size/color. You will find how important it is to create visual hierarchies. There are three traits to go by, the first is: the more important something is, the more prominent it is. The second: Things that are related are related logically are related visually, and the third: Things are “nested” visually to show what’s part of what. You will want to break up pages into clearly defined areas because this allows users to decide quickly where they want to be. While on the page, you will want to make sure the things that are clickable are obvious. Avoid high levels of noise on your page. The chapter goes over shouting, clutter and disorganization. last but not least is the formatting of text to support scanning, four examples are given at the end of the chapter. I found that the most important design of the web page is to have your header meaningful and stand out to grab the attention of your guest. Make sure the header relates to the information you are providing.


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