MNGT 136 week 3, Street signs and Bread crumbs

This week I am going to explain to you what street signs and bread crumbs are when it relates to websites. I will also give you an idea of where you can find these items on the Pierce College web site if you are interested. Let me start by giving you a quick definition on street signs and bread crumbs. Street signs on the web are pretty much the same as on the street. It is a sign telling you where you are, and off to the side/top/bottom are signs you can click on so you can get to where you are going. It is just like driving down main street, as you are driving you see other street signs that take you to other parts of the city. You make a turn on the street that takes you where you want to go. The same goes for the web, you click on a sign that takes you to where you want to go on that website. Bread crumbs are a trail. The website leaves you a list of pages you have visited in the order that took you to the page you are now on. This way you can easily click your way back to the page you want to return to as well as where you first started (the home page). On the Pierce College web site you will see street signs on the home page. Some of those signs are as follows: Admissions, Affordability, Resources, and Student life. You can go to anyone of those signs and they will give you a directory of other signs to take you where you need to go. The site does not incorporate bread crumbs the way other sites on the web do to my knowledge. You can click the back button to return to the page you were just at and continue doing so to return to every page that you visited.


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