MNGT 138 week 3, how I use the web!

This week I am going to give you all an idea of how I use the web on all of my devices (iPhone and laptop). When it comes to social media, I am not very engaged what so ever, as it just does not appeal to me very much. I am not one to give updates on what the heck I am doing in my life on  Facebook or Twitter. I try to keep my life private. I know many others just love to post everything about their lives on those sites, but that does not appeal to me. I use my devices to read up on current events locally and world wide. I am on Yahoo most of the time reading the news of the day. I also keep up on all my favorite sporting events on the internet through ESPN and a couple of team apps. I do read the comments left by users to gauge how the public is taking the news of the day. There are times I will engage with others in comment sections as well as leave my own comments on a particular article. The other thing I use my device for is shopping. I do most of my research of an item I am interesting in purchasing online, then if I am interesting in making the purchase it is usually done online also. That pretty much sums up my online activity.

I like when things I read are short and to the point. I do not care to read articles that are over 1000 words in length unless I am extremely interested in the subject at hand. I recently read an article that touches on that exact issue. The article was given to me by my professor in a class I am taking at Piece College. In the third week of the class we were learning effective ways to write on the web to get the attention of the reader. I couldn’t agree more with a particular article. Here is a link to that article.


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