MNGT 138 week 4 Poster Creation

This week I had to make an event poster using my computer. I will first say that it was not as easy as I thought it might have been. I first tried to use only the word program on the computer to create the poster. After seeing that I did not posses the proper no how, I took to the internet and found an array of useful templets to make all kinds of posters. I found one that suited my needs and downloaded it. I then opened the downloaded file using MS word. I found this was to be very easy and amazingly quick. I was able to edit the templet to look exactly the way I wanted it to look. After creating the look I wanted with all of the information added, I saved the file and attempted to post it on canvas. This took me a while to figure out how to do. I was unable to just cut and paste  and insert it in the form that canvas provided. I found that I need to save it as a PDF file and then upload it to my profile. I was then able to access the file on canvas this way and post it. I did however run into another problem when I did this. I was unable to post the poster with the black background that I had. I ended up adding a link to my poster for others to see the full effect it was meant to been seen with. When it comes to digital media and design, I will leave it to the expert that truly enjoy creating such things. I do not find it enjoyable nor do I see myself creating posters that standout and draw attention like a true artist can. If you ever need to create a poster, remember you have access to a wide variety tools at your disposal if you just search for them on the internet.


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