Mngt 136 Week 5 Brand Enhancement

This week I will go over a few way that OfferUp is enhancing it’s brand to gain buyers and sellers. The one thing that stands out is the use of a smart phone app. With the amount of smart phones in use today, it is ever so important to tap in to that market. OfferUp provides a free app on all smart phone platforms. This allows anyone that has a smart phone to buy or sell anything that they desire within the law. All one has to do is snap a photo of an item and then up load it to the OfferUp app. It is as simple as three clicks and you have your item listed for sale.

The platform is very user friendly and easy on the eyes. There is a picture of every item up for sale. All the buyer has to do is click on the picture and it opens up details of the item along with some seller information. If the buyer likes the item, he or she can make an offer or ask questions about the item.

The logo that OfferUp uses is rather genius if you ask me. It is the name of the company (OfferUp) on a little sales tag with a string attached. It implies exactly what they are all about. The customer offering up something for sale!


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