MNGT 138 Week 5 Video or Podcasting

This week I was given the assignment of writing about how the company I have chosen this quarter uses video or podcasting to promote or sell its self. The company that I chose is not yet a real live company. I chose to make up a fictitious company with the hope of one day going live with it. As of this moment there is no podcast or video that is put out by my company.

If I were to create a podcast or video, I would shoot a video of my products being used in the environment that they were intended for. Lets say I was selling duck decoys as an example. I would definitely show a video of the decoys being used in the field via a live hunt. I would then give close ups of the decoys and describe them to a tee. I would show the advantages of using these decoys in the video. What better way for my customers to see them in action.

When it comes to podcast, I could discus a particular duck or goose call. After giving a detailed description of the product and how well is works and sounds out in the field, I would be able to blow the calls for the customer to hear on the podcast. I good hunting story/interview with a hunting partner to go along with the sales pitch of the calls would be great.


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