MNGT 136 Blog post #6, Three Tips on How To Get Clients.

Be ever present on your social networks, join in the conversation, and provide value and help

Lurkers don’t get clients, don’t build reputations, don’t get remembered, and don’t get referred new business. Social media is a long-term marketing strategy with a long lead generation cycle. Typically, people will follow you on Twitter, or be friends with you on Facebook for months or even years before they finally decide to hire you or buy from you. That’s why you need to be ever-present on the social networks you can commit to. Be there with great, valuable, helpful content, answer questions, assist others, join in conversations, be engaged. Sporadic, infrequent posting dilutes the trust your network has in you.

There are a lot of people trying to reach the same consumers you are. Offer them something free to pull them to you

First let’s be clear, there are free offers and there are opt-in offers. Neither offer requires you to spend money, but one requires you to give your email in exchange for the item, so it really isn’t free. I believe you need to have BOTH types of offers available on your website. Provide instant access, no opt-in required resources to build trust and credibility to strangers, and provide opt-in offers for those who feel like they know you and are ready to give you their email address. But no matter what, make sure you’re giving something away of value, something people really want, something that’s so good you thought that maybe you should charge for it, otherwise your offer is just taking up space.

Prospects want to see you have the solution to their problem and that you offer multiple choices for them to engage

When new prospects are visiting your website, they want to see that you understand what they are struggling with or need help with, and that you have the solution to their problem that they have been looking for. Visitors want to be reassured that they are in the right place by reviewing your offers and seeing that you have multiple options for them to engage with you at different price points. If you can provide testimonials with or near your offers, you will help communicate the results and benefits they can receive when working with you.


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