MNGT 138 Week 6 blog post

Hello my fellow Waterfowlers, Well I hope you all had a very successful and rewarding hunting season this year. It is hard to imagine that it has already come to an end, oh how the time fly’s when you are living your passion. We here at Muir-Croft Industries want to thank everyone of you of making this last year a very successful year of our business and allowing us to meet all of your needs. I hope that the coming year will be just as good as lasts.

With that said, I want to give all of you an opportunity to save up to 30% on all remaining waterfowl gear we have in stock. This is a great opportunity to get a jump on the upcoming season as well as allow you to save a few bucks. The featured item this week are our motion decoys. You can read all about them from our friends at Ducks Unlimited. Below you will find the link to the article I recommend everyone to read up on. It will improve your hunting opportunities in the field.

When the wind is calm, statue-like decoys on slick water are dead giveaways to circling ducks that there is mischief below. But decoys that move and ripple the water’s surface help put the birds’ suspicions to rest. That’s because live ducks on the water are in perpetual motion—swimming, tipping, stretching, and splashing.


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