MNGT 138 week 7, Creating something out of nothing

This last week I was given the task of creating an advertisement poster with no money to spend on the creation. I searched high and low to come up with a good free program that allowed me to create the poster add that my boss ask for. While I came across many sites offering a free program that allowed you to make a poster, most actually wanted a payment if you wanted to publish or save your poster. I finally chose to use a site called Smilebox to create my poster.

While I did choose Smile box, it was rather limited for the free version. If you wanted the full version, you had to pay a small fee. The free version allowed me to make a rather cool poster that included music as well as some automation. It was actually very simple to use and create the poster do to the limited amount of option available to me. I think I spent all of about 10 minutes creating this poster which allowed me to create a link for anyone to view it. The feedback I got was very good and the boss was very pleased with the final result. I would suggest anyone that wants to create a poster/add to give Smilebox a try. If you have a little money to spend on the site, the purchase is well worth it.


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