MNGT 136 week 8, Usability testing

This week I am going to give you all some information on usability testing. There are two methods for collecting data on a usability test. The first and best way to test usability is with an in-person test. With the test subject present in your testing environment, you have the ability to observe physical, verbal, and emotional responses of your test subject. The second way to test a subject is through remote testing. Remote testing is just that, it is used when you can not get your test subjects to a testing site. There are many reasons for using remote testing, but that is for another time to discuss as I do not have the time to list all of the reasons at this time.

Usability test are conducted to gain information on a websites usability. The test consists of a number of tasks that are performed by test subject that would use the website. You are testing the type of clients you want visiting your site and purchasing your product or service. The task are set up to see how the client performs on the site. The goal is to take that testing information and make the site as user friendly for your customer.

If I were conducting a usability test, I would run an add looking for the type of individuals that I want using my site. I would offer an incentive for them to come and participate in the testing. The type of incentive can range from a small payment of cash or maybe even some product that you are selling on your website.


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