MNGT 138 week 8, Reciprocity

This week’s blog covers the use of reciprocity on the web. Reciprocity is something every website or app should practice to gain trust and business. Basically you want to give your clients something of value before you ask for something of value in return. There are many websites out there that practice reciprocity and it pays off for them big time. I know of one site that does this quite well, it is the Dallas Morning News. They allow you to read a few articles before they ask you for your personal information. This allows them to give you some of their product for free and build a trusting relationship with them. If they were to ask for your information before you were to see what they had to offer, the chances are that you would just move on to another site to get what you wanted. Their marking strategy of using reciprocity is paying off quite nicely for their business.

I would use this same type of strategy for my own business. I have a waterfowl merchandise business that sells gear to waterfowl hunters. I would incorporate free hunting videos of the gear that I am selling. This way the customer can see the gear in action so they can then decide to sign up for our weekly news letters and catalogs. If were to ask them to sign up for our news letters and catalogs before giving them any valuable information the sign up rate would be much lower. People feel obligated to return a favor if they are given one first.


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