MNGT 136 Week 9, Usability testing

This week was given the task of administrating a usability test, but before I performed my own test I spent some time viewing other usability tests on line. I came across a gentleman that was performing a usability test for a computer purchase website. The individual was given the task of building a custom computer on the site and putting it in the basket for purchase. While he was doing the task that were given to him he ran in to a problem of losing his order. On one occasion, he had to start all form the beginning and on the other he found that if he hit the back button it took him back to his order page. This is something that he thought was problematic for this particular website. On the positive side, the site listed a build date for the custom computer that he had put together. This is something that he found very helpful as now he knew exactly how long he was going to have to wait to get his computer. The checkout seemed to go pretty smoothly for the test subject.

The tasks that the above test subject had to are somewhat similar but not the same as the types of tasks that I have come up with for the website OfferUp. My task doesn’t include the building of a custom computer but they do have a few similarities. I ask my test subject to locate an item inside the website and then ask the seller a question about the item. I did have my test subject create an account that was not necessary in the video that I watch of the usability test on YouTube.




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