MNGT 138 week 9

This week I created three pieces for marketing my annual duck box building event. I started out by writing a short newsletter to explain the event, followed by a link that provided some in-depth information on why duck boxes are needed. I then created a small poster highlighting the event with a really nice photo to set it all off and draw the attention of the reader. The poster gave all the information needed to attend the event and also explained the free give-away that we are doing for the first 50 participants. The third and final piece was a voice recorded segment explaining the event and why people should attend. The recording was started off with a duck call to grab the attention of the listener. Everything in the recording touched on the first two pieces as well. I think all three mesh perfectly together for the event that I am promoting. I would recommend that anyone putting together an event for their business use this three piece marketing strategy. It is very simple to do and it reaches so many people. It gives every one of your customers a choice of how to either view or listen to your content. If you wanted to spice it up, you could also shoot a video explaining the event.



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