MNGT 136 week 10, Three things that I learned

The three things that this class has taught me and will influence me most going forward are as follows.

1.       Usability testing is one of the things that I will use in my professional career. I will not use it for the web as I am not going to do web based things in my career. I will however use it to see how my employees perform their tasks in their everyday work. It will allow me to see what is difficult for them and come up with ways to make things easier and be more productive.

2.       How to market my side business via social media is going to come in handy when the time comes. I have yet to start the business, but the things I have learned in this class is going to come in very handy for that. I had no idea how powerful social media advertisement really was before taking this class.

How to deal with customers is also a valuable lesson that I learned in this class. The giving of something of value to the customer so that you will gain their attention as well as receive something in return. I did not know that most people feel that they need to return the favor when they are given something of value.  


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