MNGT 136 week 10, Three things that I learned

The three things that this class has taught me and will influence me most going forward are as follows.

1.       Usability testing is one of the things that I will use in my professional career. I will not use it for the web as I am not going to do web based things in my career. I will however use it to see how my employees perform their tasks in their everyday work. It will allow me to see what is difficult for them and come up with ways to make things easier and be more productive.

2.       How to market my side business via social media is going to come in handy when the time comes. I have yet to start the business, but the things I have learned in this class is going to come in very handy for that. I had no idea how powerful social media advertisement really was before taking this class.

How to deal with customers is also a valuable lesson that I learned in this class. The giving of something of value to the customer so that you will gain their attention as well as receive something in return. I did not know that most people feel that they need to return the favor when they are given something of value.  


MNGT 138, Three main points learned

The three things that this class has taught me and will influence me most going forward are as follows.

·       The creation of newsletters for clients. I found that writing about what is going on inside the organization is a valuable resource for our customers. It allows them to get a feel of what is going on, and what the future has in store for the company as well as their needs.

·       The importance of writing for the web. I found that people want as much information in as few words as possible. I have learned to write cold hard facts and information without all the fluff that a book contains.

·       The creation of informative posters or fliers. I learned how to make a nice poster to promote an event for my company. The uses of a photo to capture my clients attention as well as all the information needed for them to attend the event.

MNGT 138 week 9

This week I created three pieces for marketing my annual duck box building event. I started out by writing a short newsletter to explain the event, followed by a link that provided some in-depth information on why duck boxes are needed. I then created a small poster highlighting the event with a really nice photo to set it all off and draw the attention of the reader. The poster gave all the information needed to attend the event and also explained the free give-away that we are doing for the first 50 participants. The third and final piece was a voice recorded segment explaining the event and why people should attend. The recording was started off with a duck call to grab the attention of the listener. Everything in the recording touched on the first two pieces as well. I think all three mesh perfectly together for the event that I am promoting. I would recommend that anyone putting together an event for their business use this three piece marketing strategy. It is very simple to do and it reaches so many people. It gives every one of your customers a choice of how to either view or listen to your content. If you wanted to spice it up, you could also shoot a video explaining the event.


MNGT 136 Week 9, Usability testing

This week was given the task of administrating a usability test, but before I performed my own test I spent some time viewing other usability tests on line. I came across a gentleman that was performing a usability test for a computer purchase website. The individual was given the task of building a custom computer on the site and putting it in the basket for purchase. While he was doing the task that were given to him he ran in to a problem of losing his order. On one occasion, he had to start all form the beginning and on the other he found that if he hit the back button it took him back to his order page. This is something that he thought was problematic for this particular website. On the positive side, the site listed a build date for the custom computer that he had put together. This is something that he found very helpful as now he knew exactly how long he was going to have to wait to get his computer. The checkout seemed to go pretty smoothly for the test subject.

The tasks that the above test subject had to are somewhat similar but not the same as the types of tasks that I have come up with for the website OfferUp. My task doesn’t include the building of a custom computer but they do have a few similarities. I ask my test subject to locate an item inside the website and then ask the seller a question about the item. I did have my test subject create an account that was not necessary in the video that I watch of the usability test on YouTube.



MNGT 138 week 8, Reciprocity

This week’s blog covers the use of reciprocity on the web. Reciprocity is something every website or app should practice to gain trust and business. Basically you want to give your clients something of value before you ask for something of value in return. There are many websites out there that practice reciprocity and it pays off for them big time. I know of one site that does this quite well, it is the Dallas Morning News. They allow you to read a few articles before they ask you for your personal information. This allows them to give you some of their product for free and build a trusting relationship with them. If they were to ask for your information before you were to see what they had to offer, the chances are that you would just move on to another site to get what you wanted. Their marking strategy of using reciprocity is paying off quite nicely for their business.

I would use this same type of strategy for my own business. I have a waterfowl merchandise business that sells gear to waterfowl hunters. I would incorporate free hunting videos of the gear that I am selling. This way the customer can see the gear in action so they can then decide to sign up for our weekly news letters and catalogs. If were to ask them to sign up for our news letters and catalogs before giving them any valuable information the sign up rate would be much lower. People feel obligated to return a favor if they are given one first.

MNGT 136 week 8, Usability testing

This week I am going to give you all some information on usability testing. There are two methods for collecting data on a usability test. The first and best way to test usability is with an in-person test. With the test subject present in your testing environment, you have the ability to observe physical, verbal, and emotional responses of your test subject. The second way to test a subject is through remote testing. Remote testing is just that, it is used when you can not get your test subjects to a testing site. There are many reasons for using remote testing, but that is for another time to discuss as I do not have the time to list all of the reasons at this time.

Usability test are conducted to gain information on a websites usability. The test consists of a number of tasks that are performed by test subject that would use the website. You are testing the type of clients you want visiting your site and purchasing your product or service. The task are set up to see how the client performs on the site. The goal is to take that testing information and make the site as user friendly for your customer.

If I were conducting a usability test, I would run an add looking for the type of individuals that I want using my site. I would offer an incentive for them to come and participate in the testing. The type of incentive can range from a small payment of cash or maybe even some product that you are selling on your website.

MNGT 138 week 7, Creating something out of nothing

This last week I was given the task of creating an advertisement poster with no money to spend on the creation. I searched high and low to come up with a good free program that allowed me to create the poster add that my boss ask for. While I came across many sites offering a free program that allowed you to make a poster, most actually wanted a payment if you wanted to publish or save your poster. I finally chose to use a site called Smilebox to create my poster.

While I did choose Smile box, it was rather limited for the free version. If you wanted the full version, you had to pay a small fee. The free version allowed me to make a rather cool poster that included music as well as some automation. It was actually very simple to use and create the poster do to the limited amount of option available to me. I think I spent all of about 10 minutes creating this poster which allowed me to create a link for anyone to view it. The feedback I got was very good and the boss was very pleased with the final result. I would suggest anyone that wants to create a poster/add to give Smilebox a try. If you have a little money to spend on the site, the purchase is well worth it.